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  Wind Generator


Characteristics of Ruihua wind turbines
1. The diameter of wind wheel have reduced to minimum compare to other company’s wind generator, the diameter is only 1.2m for 300W and 1.6M for 600W.
2. The start-up wind speed reduce to minimum, 1m/s is enough.
3. The weight is minimum, only 16kg for 300W
4. The structure is newest, the figure is graceful, design is made independently and unique.
5. High intensity carbon fiber material of wind blade.
6. Extremely low noise, no noise can be heard during the working under rating wind speed.
7. Have the good ability endure big wind, have particular electronic and mechanic brake device.
8. The utilization of the wind energy can reach to 0.45
9. We have the patent for both the technology and figure


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